Important notice about videoconference tool recordings

At the beginning of each academic year, previous year's sessions recordings are automatically deleted, so it may be important to download the ones you want to keep a copy of before that deadline.

It's a good practice to save them in cloud storage spaces such as: OneDrive, Unidisc, etc.

We also remind you that on the virtual campus you have a storage and streaming tool for video and audio files.

Best practices for successful video conferencing:

In the infographic you can see on the right side, we have tried to summarize in 9 points what we believe to be the most important recommendations that you should consider before —and during the course of— a video conference, to carry it out as optimally and succesfully as possible. Feel free to download and share it on social networks (this is a royalty free image)!

On creating public videoconferences, we would encourage you to have in consideration these  series of advices for avoiding possible undesired accesses.

Frequently Asked Questions about the tool

Due to the increased use of this tool caused by the stopping of presential classes in Universitat de Lleida starting march 2020, we have added a document where you can check the answers to the most common problems you can face on its first uses.

Here you can find answers about subjects like:

  • Allowing micro and camera access for your browser
  • How to get the link to a previously created session
  • How to invite a limited group of users to a private videoconference
  • How to record a session
  • Where can previously recorded sessions be found

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Video tutorial

Surveys inside the videoconference tool

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