Special needs measures: UdLxTothom

If some of your subject's students are assigned to UdLxTothom, you will have received, through the subject area of the virtual campus, a set of support measures (in teaching or assessment) through the person responsible for attention to the inclusion of your center (RAIC) or from the degree coordination.

If you consult in the space of your subjects on the virtual campus UdL, both in Degrees and Masters, and go to the tab «Roster», you will see identified students assigned to UdLxTothom in two different ways:

  1. Under the corresponding box each member with the role of student in the space appears an informative button "View special needs measures" which allows you to identify them as someone who has subscribed to the UdLxTothom program.

    If you click on this button, the corresponding support measures are shown:

  2. The other way is to consult them through the option «Export roster»:

    In this case, an Excel is generated that incorporates a column with the title «Support measures», showing the people assigned to UdLxTothom and the planned measures:

We ask you to regularly review this information, given that students can join the UdLxTothom program throughout the course. 

We hope that this new way to identify the people attached to UdLxTothom and visualize the support measures will be useful to you. For any clarification you can contact the program through the email udlxtothom@udl.cat, you can also consult at/ the RAIC of your centre.

Finally, a clarification: This change does not affect the affiliated centers of the UdL, only its own centers.

Thank you for your collaboration in making UdL more welcoming and inclusive.