Important notice about videoconference tool recordings

At the beginning of each academic year, previous year's sessions recordings are automatically deleted, so it may be important to download the ones you want to keep a copy of before that deadline.

It's a good practice to save them in cloud storage spaces such as: OneDrive, Unidisc, etc.

We also remind you that on the virtual campus you have a storage and streaming tool for video and audio files.

Migració d'enregistraments a Kaltura pas 1

Where to find recordings of video conferencing sessions?

You must first access the "Media Gallery" tool that you will find in the site of the subject where the recording belongs.

Then, in the "Media files" tab, you will have all the recordings, and if you are the person responsible for the subject site where they are located, or if this person has passed ownership to you, you can edit them. by first clicking on the three-dot icon (marked with a 1 on the screenshot) and then on the edit icon (marked with a 2 on the screenshot).

How to assign a new owner, delete, or remove recordings from a site

The person in charge of each subject is the only one who can initially transfer ownership of a video to another member of that subject's site. If you wish to obtain ownership of one of these imported videos, please contact that person in charge.

These 3 informative pills detail the steps to follow in order to carry out the following operations, and you can consult them both in PDF format and in short video tutorials:

Change video ownership

Remove a video from a site

Permanently delete a video

Keep a video

Download a video

If you want to download a local copy of a video to your hard drive, you can follow the steps explained in this tutorial.

Edit, organize and modify recordings

If you want to learn more about how to expand the media capabilities of your stored recordings in My Media and Media Gallery, you can access this website's Kaltura section and check our video tutorials or FAQs.