Kaltura: Video streaming

The tool used for storing and streaming online video and audio files in UdL virtual campus is called Kaltura

NOTE:  It is important to know that at this time both of its main content management tools ("My Media" and "Media Gallery") are not available by default in the UdL virtual campus sites, but My Media tool can be added by following these simple steps (in catalan), and Media Gallery can be activated from site's configuration tool on each site where you want to make it visible.


Using the tool: "My Media" and "Media Gallery"

If you plan to dig deeper into the use of Kaltura and want to have more control on the videos or audios uploaded by you to Kaltura, you can read more information about each of these two tools in the next sections, so you can discover in depth what possibilities they can open for your particular needs:

My Media


This is a tool teachers can add on your personal site inside the virtual campus, and it gives you the the ability to upload multimedia items that can be embedded and shared in other places (into the enunciaton of an activity or a lesson, for instance). In this place you can find all the video and audio files that you have uploaded using your user profile.

PDF manual with guidelines for using My Media (in catalan)

Media Gallery


In the virtual campus sites, you can add a series of playlists containing the multimedia items uploaded via this tool or that can be selected by reusing the ones already uploaded to "My Media" in your personal space, so all members of a site will gain access to them.

PDF manual with guidelines for using Media Gallery (in catalan)



If you don't want to activate these tools and you just want the basic funcionality of Kaltura, in the virtual campus you already have available a the widget with which you can upload a multimedia file and make it available by inserting it on an activity enunciation, lesson, forum message or anywhere else in the virtual campus where the HTML rich text editor is available. To do so, you can follow these steps:

How to upload and insert video or audio in the virtual campus

  1. In the HTML rich text editor toolbar you can find the "Kaltura" icon, and click on it so a new window will pop-up.

  2. Once the window is visible, you can choose between two ways of selecting which content to upload:

    A) If you already have some video or audio files uploaded into the system, you can choose one of them directly from this list.

    B) You can upload a new multimedia file and insert it afterwards.

  3. If you chose the B option (Add a new element) a new window will appear. There you will have to select the file to upload and edit its name and/or description. Once configured, clicking on "Save and Embed" it will be inserted into the HTML editor.

    IMPORTANT: The tool can take quite a long time to completely upload and process the file, so you must wait until the clear blue upper bar arrives to the 100% of the total, in which moment the window will automatically close and you will see the new content inside the rich text HTML editor.



Advanced use workshop